Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New News Post: site move

Hey guys, this afternoon Alec will be taking the site down for about an hour or two while we prepare for a move to another host. When it returns, uploading of any sort will be disabled while we transfer the database to the new site. Unfortunately this may take a few days to a week. Sorry to do this again, but I don't foresee a site move anytime afterwards. There was a problem with our current host that kind of brought all the progress we've been making on the site to a halt. If this causes you a buildup of internal rage, please consider unleashing your emotions in some creative manner that is constructive to others.

In other news... I recently put analytics into the game, so I've been able to see the terms people actually search for in the level browser. Yesterday, 956 people searched for the incorrectly spelled "sword trow", which I found very impressive. Even more surprising, it turns out effective shopper is the least popular character in the game. For me, this was very saddening. I would have guessed she was in the top 5. Here's the current list of characters, ranked by the number of times they're chosen on the character select screen.
  1. Irresponsible dad
  2. Segway guy
  3. Helicopter man
  4. Pogostick man
  5. Wheelchair guy
  6. Lawnmower man
  7. Santa Claus
  8. Moped couple
  9. Explorer guy
  10. Irresponsible mom
  11. Effective shopper
I've been working on the iphone version of the game with Jason in preparation for the launch. I've made new character portrait art for the level selection menus. I think they look pretty ok. THIS IS ALL I HAVE TO SHARE AT THE MOMENT!