Monday, November 4, 2013

New news post: Hello

I've started work on a new character for Happy Wheels. With my time spent on the sequel, it's now been over a year since my last update to the game. I'm feeling guilty so I figure I should really go back and add some things. I think the new character will add some fun, stupid gameplay types. The character art is already done. Hopefully it will be finished in a couple of weeks. Next week I'll be recording some vocals for the new character and future/older characters. Along with the character I might try to update a few other little things.

Once the new update is finished I will probably try to help Jason wrap up the iPhone version so we can finally have something ready to release. I'm looking to port it to Android as soon as we have something more complete, so if you are a talented Android programmer in the New York area, or know of one, do let us know.

My good friend Paul K has recently released a book. I missed his release party because I accidentally crushed and ate the veneer off my front tooth while eating pizza on the way over. To make up for it I'd like to link to it here. And Every Day Was Overcast is a photo essay and novel about growing up in the 90s amongst the creepshow of swamps and strip malls of south Florida. It's awesome and unique and makes my New Jersey high school upbringing seem even more forgettable than it was.

I'll make another post when the character is up.