Friday, March 2, 2012

New update post!

Hello, Jason here. So we made a few updates to Happy Wheels. Let me tell you about them using words. Here I go!

We've added new vocals to the Moped Couple and Lawnmower Man. I did the voice of Moped Guy and friends of ours did the vocals for Moped Girl and Lawnmower Man. Screaming as if you're being torn in half is pretty cathartic. I recommend it.

You can now quickly load levels or replays from the main menu by pressing "Load level/replay" and entering a valid URL. To find a URL, browse to that level. In pink you'll see the URL. Copy it and share it with friends and loved ones. Now you won't have to refresh the entire page to view a level someone sends you.

In the editor, you can now adjust the "center cutout" of circles to create donut-like shapes. This is helpful for wheels with spokes. However, this is only a visual change. Cirlce shapes are still solid. That is a requirement of the physics engine.

The force character bug should now be fixed. We are aware of a couple other bugs that we're working on.

Also, you can now chat with other users by clicking here. If the applet is full, you can join the IRC channel #happywheels on A free IRC client can be downloaded at

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