Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New news post: ARG!

Jim said: I have been tremendously frustrated lately with the way things are going. Despite moving to a new hosting setup, the site is still struggling to deal with traffic. There were, and still may be, several new problems that popped up when we went from one database server to two. Data must be replicated from one to the next, and so some new functionality had to be created.

The large problem is that I'm not getting the help I desperately need. I have Sean (Adura) in Canada who has been acting as my systems admin, but it has not been enough. He has no experience with a multi-server setup and is learning as he goes. I was under the impression my new host would be able to put more time into helping with site optimizations, but that does not seem to be the case.

If I were very familiar with these things, I would do this on my own. Unfortunately, I am not a backend programmer/systems admin. I have a decent understanding of things. Several times I've known more about these things than the people I'm trying to hire, which is very disappointing. I do not want to spend the massive amount of time that would be necessary to learn these things when I could be spending that time creating things in the game. It is absurd to me that I can't just find someone willing to accept my money who is capable of fixing this crap.

I do not want to lose massive amounts of daily users just because the site will not function properly.

I'm writing this post just to let everyone know that I'm trying my best to fix these things, and it's seriously stressing me out. Every day I sign into facebook or gmail and see complaint after complaint. It sucks.

I would love more than anything to work on a new character, but I cannot do so while the game is broken. My time has been spent ineffectively reaching out to people for help. I guess I have to keep doing this until I find someone, or get to learning and fixing everything by myself.


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