Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New News Post: oh haaay

Hello friends, 

Very sorry for the long absence. Rereading the last post, I was a bit shocked at how miserable that made my situation sound. I shouldn't have left that up there so long. I may have been quite frustrated that day, but I AM IN FACT DOING SPLENDIDLY. I'm currently in Los Angeles, California for two weeks. I've eaten nearly 800 tacos.Yesterday we shot guns. Before that I was in Portland for a week. I've never been to either, and decided to visit when Jason had some obligations over here. 

As for the site... we are actually testing a new version Sean recently completed and will make the transfer once we're done. It looks the same, but the site will now be on a much stabler, more secure framework. Once that is done, it will be much easier to pinpoint inefficiencies in the database...which is the constant source of the site troubles. 

I've been spending my own time creating a new version of Happy Wheels from scratch. At least, I assume it will be Happy Wheels. I'm learning c++ and opengl. It is fun to have something new and challenging, so I'm pumped to have something showable soon. I promise it will be awesome (if you liked Happy Wheels and my judgement hasn't expired). The plan is to sell a version of the game for $5-10. I think this will eliminate a lot of horrible levels from being created. I'd still like everyone to have access to the game though, so I will see about the possibility of releasing a free version eventually that doesn't include the level editor. Perhaps that could be in webgl. This is all very far off and just speculation. 

Probably the most exciting part of this news post for myself is that I will have a booth at PAX East next March in Boston. I actually can't wait, but I suppose I am forced to. I missed my chance to do this several times before due to stupidity. It will be wonderful to leave my mother's locked basement and meet anyone who has played Happy Wheels (as this is actually very rare in real life). Just please, NO DIRECT SKIN CONTACT. Latex gloves will be available.

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