Sunday, December 9, 2012

New news post: Blurb

Hey, so my bastard brother is attempting to do a video project with some funding and has a kickstarter here. If you are feeling at all generous, please check it out.

As for my previous post, I'd just like to clarify a few things. Happy Wheels in its current form will always be free and available as long as I can afford hosting. I'm always going to need a database no matter what I end up doing, so I don't see that changing. I will still update flash Happy Wheels on occasion. The reason I'm working on a game in c++ is because flash is very limiting. I'm not just converting what currently exists. I'm making a new game.

I plan on keeping things 2d, but I'll be using 3d modeling to create the graphics. I've started using sculptris and it is awesome. Textures will still be flat, but the depth of the models will allow me to use normal mapping, which means I can make use of dynamic lighting. I plan on using a similar look to the current art style, but objects will be lit differently as they rotate.

I'll ramble on some more as I progress.

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