Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Jim said: Today I set it so users can only submit one public level per 24 hours.

I was looking through top rated levels yesterday. I can't keep playing the one where you are lawnmower man and you drop through glass with the little child. I've seen it 800 times and it doesn't warrant its apparent popularity. I went to the author's page, and I noticed he had submitted 20 other levels that day and nothing else. All of them were copied. I checked another author and it was the same thing.

There's not reason for anyone to be submitting more than one level per day. Those who do are more often than not spamming unoriginal crap. If you happen to have actually made 2 quality levels in one sitting, then save that one for tomorrow.

People have also mentioned a problem with Santa. If you hold spacebar and up, you cannot press left and lean backwards. Unfortunately this problem has always existed because of stupid keyboards. The same thing happens with wheelchair guy. For some reason, spacebar, up, and right is completely fine.

The only solution would be to put in an option to change your key setup, so I'll do that soon.

Now lunch.

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