Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New TJF news post: "We are alive".

Hello everyone (this is Jason). Here's that news post that everyone has been asking about.

First off, we've added Pogostick Man. All of you know this. As you might guess, he rides a pogo stick. Thanks to Nova for providing vocals. Now when he plays Happy Wheels, he can scream with himself. And the internet becomes a bit less lonely of a place. Some of you have asked about having other YouTube gamers record vocals. We're not really planning on doing that. A male voice was needed and Nova, who happens to have a fairly unique voice, mentioned interest. We'll most likely go and record a bunch of new voices soon. The next character vocals are most likely female.

Pressing up/down moves Pogostick Man forward/backward with small jumps. Holding space bar results in a big jump. Pressing shift makes him stand upright on the pogo stick and control makes him crouch. Some of his joints are stronger than other characters which allow him to land big jumps without breaking to pieces. Once ejected, his joints are normal strength.

The response to Pogostick Man has been pretty incredible, but this of course has resulted in a trend of unoriginal wall-jumping levels which has polluted the level browser. Please make original levels.

Second, we have exceeded ONE MILLION Facebook 'likes'. Hitting this mark was never expected. In fact, we originally were hoping for 5000 (Jim: "we did?"). And of course we talked about doing something for this event, but then planned poorly and missed it. So the surprise is that there was no surprise. We will eventually post some awesome pictures of the socks that Jim bought. Or we won't. We know you love the suspense. Thanks to everyone who clicked 'like'.

Third, the development of the forums is on hold. We estimated it would be done by now, but then something came up.

Forth, things are a bit slow right now because Jim is incarcerated in Thailand, but I assure you we're always working on something and there are a lot of things to come.

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