Saturday, June 30, 2012

New post: almost done

Jim: Hello pals. 2 weeks ago I said I'd have an update ready for last week on Facebook. I was incorrect. I am a bit famous for underestimating the amount of time something takes me.

This week, I am again incorrect in saying the update would be ready for this week. It's very very close, but there are little things I have to fix... and now it's already Friday. It will (definitely...ignore what I said above about underestimating) be ready early next week, and I think it will be very worth it.

I also know it will be hard to read this post because my stupid servers have been overwhelmed with new traffic. I really should have taken care of this sooner, as I'd really like you all to play the game when you'd like. Today though I sent out my ok to a new host, and the site will soon be moving (possibly this weekend) from 2 to 4 servers. This is the same host collegehumor uses, so they should be able to easily handle my site.

Last but not least please check out a video project my brother worked on HERE.

I'll make another post soon to explain the new tool.

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