Friday, July 6, 2012

New news post + V1.67!

Jim said: "Ok, the new update is up (but not entirely finished). With Thailand jail and the length of time this took, it's actually been a long while since my last update to the game. Sorry about that.

The update is a new tool that you can use to trigger events during gameplay. The player rides through a trigger area, and various things are activated. Right now you can either activate an object or play a sound.

In most cases, activating an object is waking it up if it's in a sleeping state. Certain special items have more useful activations. Mines will explode and boosts and fans will turn on. You currently cannot decide what the activation will be; you are given a default action. I will change that with a future update... I ran out of time and only thought of it halfway through developing. It'd be cool if rather than just waking up a shape, you could make it appear, disappear, set it to a fixed or non-fixed state, give it a certain velocity, fade in/out, blah blah blah.

If you choose to play a sound effect instead, you don't attach the trigger to any other objects. You just select the sound, and set the volume and panning. With proper use of delay, you can probably make some horrible songs from various screams. Now you can hear "oh my leg!" until it's unbearable (if it's not already).

I do plan on adding ambient sounds but ran out of time today. I will work on that first thing next week. Going through various sound libraries and setting up loops is longer and more tedious than expected." 

This new tool (picture above) i do not understand how to use it and how it works!

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